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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

O, How The Mighty Have Fallen

The usually brilliant Billmon misses a vital criticism of Nader's campaign in this article. Most bloggers and anti-Naderites have been quick to criticize Nader relying on right wing organizations to get him on the ballot in swing states, but I think a much more powerful piece of ammunition is not just what Nader's doing now to flush away whatever little respect he might have left among the left, but the fact that since 2000, Nader has done next to nothing to achieve his stated goal of being a viable third party candidate. Now, admittedly, I voted for Nader in 2000 because I was apathetic and ignorant back then, so maybe I missed this point being made, but if Nader really cared about establishing a viable third party, don't you think he'd maybe start one and build it from the ground up instead of piggy-backing on established, albeit marginal existing third parties that he has little in common with? Possibly starting a PAC to get like-minded third party candidates elected at the local level? Nah, in order for that to happen, Ralph would actually have to give a shit about somtehing other than his own self-aggrandizement.

I fell for the "there's no difference between Gore and Bush" bullshit in 2000 because I just didn't care. Hell, back then I was even misinformed enough to believe the "Gore invented the internet" lie and that Clinton was actually some sort of crook, so I pulled the lever for Ralph in some asinine, juvenille show of rebellion against the status quo. Even though electorally it made no difference either way (I live in Nebraska, where Jesus Christ himself couldn't have won if he ran as a Dem....although I suppose Tom Osborne could have pulled it off), I've come to regret it more and more, and when I see all the bluster from Ralph now about how Republicans and Democrats are the same, I despise him all the more for bamboozling me so easily.

Also, Billmon's post title? Tres unimaginative. I understand if he's burnt out, but come on man! Ah, who am I kidding, I almost tried to work out a Nader/nadir pun for the title of this post.


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