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Monday, August 02, 2004

A Call To Arms

Read the recap of today's Inside Politics with Judy "Hagface" Woodruff over at Atrios.

Now read this.

I've fucking had it with these people. That fucking bitch Woodruff needs to start being seriously challenged on this bullshit, as does every other god damn fucking shit-slurping media whore out there, but I've had it with writing letters to ombudspersons and bullshit dead-ends like that. It's time that people started coming up to these pathetic egomaniacs whenever they deign to appear in public and FUCKING CHALLENGE THEM ON THIS BULLSHIT.

Listen, I know my readership is about fucking nil right now, but if any of you two or three people who reads me lives in New York or Atlanta or anywhere there are media whores, and you see these people, go up to them and tell them what you really think about them. Don't be polite, don't worry about debating them, just tell them what they are.

Oh God, how I would love to be in an elevator with that fucking bimbo. She'd need a stay in a sanitarium after I was done venting my spleen about what a fucking whore she is.

String the pundits up by their big toes, I say.